About Us

We are an upcoming, boutique food manufacturer with absolute dedication to quality and integrity of our products. At sibling we believe Quality has no compromise. All our products and processes are driven by a single goal of providing pure and quality food products catering to discerning tastes of consumers.
Sibling Foods is a boutique food manufacturer focused on offering unique premium quality ethnic food products for discerning tastes.
Sibling Thalipeeth Bhajani (500 gms) is made with goodness and nutrition of 9 grains. Per serving it has more energy than a similar product ( Lab tested and verified). Sibling Methi paratha Mix (300 gms) is scrumptious mix of dehydrated fenugreek leaves which get refreshed when water is added to the mix. Simply add water and your Methi paratha dough is ready. No time consuming of buying , cleaning and washing Methi. A boon for busy mums worried about feeding their schoolkids nutritious fibrous meals.
Sibling ' Puranquick ' is a signature product. ' Puranquick ' is dry instant Puran powder that does away with the onerous task of cooking Puran. Saving you precious hours of toiling in kitchen. No more worries of tough or runny Puran or simply not having time to make it. All you need to do is add prescribed amount of water and your Puran is ready. It can be rolled into ' polis ' or simply eaten as it is. You can also fold it into puff pastry sheets and bake it in oven. Simply keep a 'Puranquick' pack handy in your pantry. 300 gms of Puranquick makes 6 Puran Polis. This Holi try 'Puranquick' and enjoy festival instead of labouring in kitchen.